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Re: What Are You Wearing?

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S/He's using it to warm our hearts.

Rainy weather here recently, and I am not feeling particularly inspired, so it has been mostly dark blue jeans, random long-sleeved shirts, and Levi's denim jacket. You can't go wrong with that.
'Tis true. This style has held on nearly a century, and I hope it continues!

Today, another great example of the wonders of buying second-hand. My favorite skirt again, a knit top that I found at Value Village for $3.50, leather boots that would have cost $250 new, for which I paid $40 on ebay, barely used. Pink tights which I bought new, because socks/stockings/tights and panties are the only things I won't buy second hand. Belt bought new, but from a discount store. The beautiful Bork! bracelet again (brown reindeer leather with silver wire design) and two silver rings, one with a pearl, one with a pink crystal. I think my waist is disproportionate to the rest of looks like I've cinched my belt too tight in the picture, but it's comfortably loose.


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