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Re: Episode of the Week: 3x16 "The Offspring"

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I really think you're reaching here and I don't know why?
Maybe it's more about how TNG will continue this trend with other female characters down the line. You think Tasha Yar got a good send off in the last episode? That will be changed later on. Or what about K'Ehleyr? Anyone like her? Or Sito Jaxa? And that's not even counting the female characters who will be used as moral punching bags. Oh, you think ensign Ro is going to amount to much?
Ro amounted to a lot, I don't know why you'd bring her up. She betrayed Picard, but she was never portrayed as a monster.

Sito's story was all about herself and redeeming the mistake she'd made - and for a Cardassian no less!

Yar's death informed another female character, so it doesn't really count.
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