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So what's with all the Archer hate?

I never really understood it. But then I thought Dr. Pulaski was okay. Just okay though, not a fan.

Enterprise was my favorite series, it had a weak first season and took a while to find it's footing... but this was true of a lot of the treks including TNG (it's first season is much worse imo). If it was allowed to continue, I think it could have been a contender for the best trek.

ENT seemed like a very different (in a good way) ST show; it wasn't trying to simply emulate TNG in a different quadrant and the captain didn't have that ST ideology/dogma yet, and seemed to make sane, pragmatic decisions *cough* Voyager *cough*.

I also really like Archer's relationship with his dog. I'm not even a dog person He's about the most casual captain of the Treks while still keeping his distance from the crew.
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