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Thoughts on Season 5

Somewhere toward the end of season 4, I found myself enjoying some of the episodes enough to be excited for the next episode. "Extreme Risk" I thought it was out of character for Janeway to warp away while the little Malon ship was having trouble breaking through the atmosphere. It would have been more Janeway-like for her to stay and at least offer to help them even though they proved to be annoying. She does have a tendency to help annoying people, at times putting the crew at risk in favor of her ideals. So that scene struck me as unusual for her.

So far, Seven has some touching scenes here and there. The end of "Drone" was especially touching. "You will adapt." I almost shed a tear at that line and Seven's reaction. Reminded me of "The Offspring," which I also found to be touching.

But I can do without the Full House-esque "what did we learn today" scenes with Seven and Janeway at the end of some of these episodes.
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