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Re: Ongoing Community Discussion Thread

Something's up with Donald Glover. For his sake, I'm hoping it's some kind of viral marketing thing, because if it's not, it looks like he needs serious help.

Donald Glover has thoughts, fears, and feelings, and he wants the world to know. Last night, the Community actor and rapper Instagrammed a series of handwritten notes he'd jotted down on a notepad in some (presumably bleak) Residence Inn. Across those seven confessional messages, Glover finally clarified he didn’t leave Community to rap, as was originally rumored, but rather because he wanted to “be on [his] own.” Glover says he’s “been sick this year” and has “seen a bunch of people die this year,” and that, while he “kept looking for something to be in with,” he realized that “you have to be on your own.” He also shared that he's “afraid Dan Harmon hates [him],” “afraid [he’ll] regret this,” and, perhaps most poignantly, “scared [he’ll] be Tyrese.”
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