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Re: Making a Star Trek series that fits in with today's TV landscape

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I was making a Joke out of my point. I see advertisements all the time that instead of selling what they have they just waste space. Like the Hardee's commercial (I love Hardee's by the way). Their commercials are dumb. They are advertising the chick eating the hamburger more than they are advertising the hamburger. The minds behind this commercial wouldn't be smart enough to check if their commercials are really getting out. People eat fast food for whats cheapest, not what they have. THey just don't get it. If the commercial was 10 seconds of "Hey we have a triple bacon cheese burger for 99 cents" that would sell quicker to me than a 30 second commercial of a Hot chick eating a hamburger.

So I saw again, and as FACT, the Nielson rating system is FLAWED. I don't know of anyone that watches law and order SVU and CI. Yet they stay up on the ratings. But if you were to argue that it is just the area I live, then we run right back to my M&M example all over again. If it so happened that the selected group of people for those stupid Nielson boxes were all from my area, L&O would be canceled. Now these flawed pieces of crap boxes are the reason why a good show like Star Trek, got canceled. If TV companies want the (at least partial) truth of who's watching what, they need to put up surveys on their sites.
Nothing you've said is fact.

Hot chicks sell shit and people do watch the various Law and Order shows (though I don't personally).
Yea, the reason for the hot chick, is because there are indeed guys who will walk away from the commercial thinking Hot chicks eat there, and so they're going to give their business to that restaurant in order to stare at (and maybe have a chance with) those hot chicks, they believe flock there.

I do question the legitimacy of Neilsen ratings numbers, but, honestly there has been cancellations questioned, and when investigated, it turns out the ratings were correct, and the show really wasn't being watched enough to justify it being continued. And again, if you're not watching it live as it airs, but, instead watch it On Demand, torrent, streaming, after 3 days on DVR, etc, you can often avoid the commercials, and the folks paying the bills for the show want their commercials to be seen, that's what they are paying for. (Though On Demand is starting to show the commercials in the first week, with no Fast forward option, and DVRs also are starting to prevent you from skipping the commercials)
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