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Re: Star Trek: TMP questions and observations

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Canon simply is; it's not something which must be declared by a higher authority.
Except when its delivered as a directive to the media tie-in licensees. When a higher authority tells the licensee what can and can't be used to inform the product being created.
I think what Hober meant is that it isn't imposed on the creators of the show itself by some higher authority; the show (or the original work in whatever medium) is automatically the canon by definition. What you're talking about, a licensing department that supervises tie-in creation, is not a higher authority in comparison to the creators of the canon, but a subordinate or parallel one. They're people hired by the studio to oversee the licensed merchandise. They have approval over the tie-ins, but they're following the lead of the canon. They are not defining the canon, merely keeping track of it and helping tie-ins stay consistent with it. Whatever authority they have is on behalf of the producers, or rather, the studio.

By analogy, if the producers are like a legislature laying down the laws, the licensing department is like a federal agency responsible for ensuring the laws are followed. They're subordinate to the lawmakers. And the licensees like Pocket and IDW would be akin to, say, government contractors.
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