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Re: Should the Borg be the villain in Trek 3?

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A non-Borg Threatened 24th Century would be interesting.

How about a 'Q Who' type episode with Kirk and crew - They meet up with Q who propells them into the Delta Quadrant to meet the Borg a la Picard style. But instead of getting a bloody nose and running like Picard, Kirk and crew kicks their collective asses, freeing them all, much to Q's dislike.

Fanwanky, I know.
Eh, no reason for Q, TOS had plenty of their own "Q"-like adversaries to choose from that could be used.

They could use Charlie X and have Spock and Uhura singing and playing a tune together (Since that was one of their flirtiest moments in TOS), or as SeerSGB says Trelane, or the Witches from the Halloween episode...
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