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Re: Breaking Bad Final Half Season

I'm not equating popularity with quality, I'm correlating audience retention and expansion with the amount the fans enjoy the show. Like, I would say a show that has 30 million viewers in the first episode and 15 million in the last episode pleased its audience a lot less than one that has 1 million in the first and 10 million in the last. Which is not a direct relationship to quality but certainly is a pretty strong indicator of such.

I think the ending was honest for the show. It played out using the same logic as the rest of the show. The Nazis winning and making away with all of Walt's money certainly would not have been more 'Honest' than the ending we got. Being true to the characters and being realistic are two different things, and the ending was very true to the characters. If Breaking Bad was going to be realistic it would have needed to make that decision a lot earlier than the final episode.

And as I've mentioned, Oliver Stone, the director of JFK, is not in the position to be criticizing anybody for injecting fantasy into violence. His criticism is an unprofessional attempt to make his personal preference for more realistic violence into an objective value judgment.
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