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Re: Data x Tasha. Was that affection or abuse?

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"Drunk" or not, Tasha was the sexual aggressor, and Data was virtually a child when it came to sexual experience. I'd say that nobody was at fault.
You have some funny ideas on consent. Tasha may have been the aggressor but she still wasn't in her full state of mind, it'd take an immoral person to take advantage of that. Plenty of times drunk women get in "aggressive" moods sexually and it's still pretty much universally considered dickish to take advantage of that.

dickish or sleazy perhaps, but I don't think a situation where a guy sleeps with a drunk woman who comes onto HIM, especially when he had nothing to do with her drunkenness(meaning, he wasn't deliberately getting her drunk to sleep with him) can really be construed as "abuse." And in this case, Data was clearly influenced by the virus and pretty innocent about Human social cues.
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