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Re: Orci Meets with CBS About New Series

Ryan8bit wrote: View Post
I'll never really understand why fans worry so much about demographics. So what if kids are or are not interested? As you say, you'll die and the kids will move on to something that does interest them.
I don't know about you but most people I know were introduced to Star Trek as children in the 70's. Too completely ignore that demographic is pretty silly.

Maybe instead of worrying about what's in the best interest for Paramount, CBS, or whatever entity stands to make a profit, people should just be interested in what they're interested in.
I'm interested in Star Trek and I'm interested in sports/entertainment business. So I do like to examine the business side and try to predict what may or may not succeed.

That said, I'd be interested in a Star Trek show that appeals to adults. An animated show could be that, but it's likely to skew more towards kids.
I've seen many animated shows that were supposedly skewed towards "kids" that are very adult. I have no issue at all with an animated Star Trek.

Hober Mallow wrote: View Post
I wasn't suggesting animation as a way to appeal specifically to kids. Visually, animation would allow for more freedom to do more imaginative stories with Kirk and Spock on some really alien worlds.
And animation would be far cheaper.

To do another live action Kirk and Spock on TV while they're also on the big screen would be a mistake, IMO, and to do yet another live action spinoff with yet another ship, yet another captain, and yet another crew no one cares about except a few hardcore fans who'll watch anything with "Star Trek" in the title would be a monumental blunder.
It would likely drive a stake through the franchise for good.
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