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Re: Pre TOS star cruiser....

Some nacelle detailing. Note the offset positioning of the nacelle spikes. It was also offset on the clipper design, but it might have been less noticeable because it was offset in elevation. Here the spikes are offset forty degrees from the nacelle's horizontal centreline.I went with this detail to make it visually interesting as well as to have a similar design cue as the clipper. Note also the nacelle domes will not be coloured, but will remain closer to hull colour, again to be like the clipper.

The long hal-round detail bits running along the frward section of the nacelles are all the same length, but they are not all positioned at the same angles. In keeping with the idea of a measuring of asymetry in tandem with symetrical design the outboard strips are set at fifty degrees while the inboard strips are set at forty degrees.

The aft sections of the nacelle have a corrugated like surface as does the impulse engine housing. I went with a straight vertical cut-off for the aft end of the nacelles rather than a more familiar angled or shaped cut. Also the ending edge of the nacelles are beveled inward.

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