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Re: Once Upon A Time Season 3

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Trust me, it was there. Even the reviewer at Entertainment Weekly is now bragging about having seen this coming two years ago. And has been rooting for "Mulora" for years now.

And remember that bit last season when Mulan literally rescued Aurora's heart and tenderly put it back into her body? "I've never done this before," etc.

That was about as subtle as a XENA episode!
Ehh, I suppose you could interpret it that way, but I certainly never did; just good friends that bonded after Mulan stayed with her initially out of loyalty.

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Wasn't Mulan's whole thing last season that she madly in love with Phillip and madly mad at Aurora for stealing him from her...?
No. Aurora accused her of being in love with Phillip, but she denied it.
You might need glasses.

She was mooning over Phillip 10 seconds after meeting him.
Yarp. The whole "No I'm not" was just a defense mechanism because she saw how much Phillip and Aurora were in love. And then he was eaten by a Wraith. Hence her taking care of Aurora afterwards - loyalty to Phillip.

Reverend wrote: View Post
Not sure how I feel about the Mulan/Aurora thing. I mean I have zero problem with there being openly gay characters on the show, but I do question their choice of character.

Maybe I'm just being very cynical, but I can't shake the feeling that they went with Mulan specifically because her backstory is that of a woman pretending to be a man. I guess it just feels a tad on the nose.
Aside from the retcon, there's this too. Though to be fair, their options were pretty limited in terms of major characters. Almost everybody else was explicitly in (or had been in) a hetero relationship and Mulan's just implications (one way or the other, I suppose). It could have been Tinkerbell I guess as she's a new character or Henry (and wouldn't that have been an interesting decision?) but Mulan's definitely the safe choice.
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