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Re: Measure of a Man

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Just testing the waters to see if anyone wanted to talk about the episode.

So I did a search and posted a comment in the applicable thread rather than start another one.

I thought that's what was supposed to be done.
I think staff around here generally prefers that you start a new thread, if the previous one is more than 6 months old. I often try to see what shows up in the subforum's list of topics (which I think are set by default to the last 30 days), and if nothing shows up, I'll start a new one. Some of the subforums have light traffic, so I'll look back a little further then.

They won't put you in the brig unless you make a habit of necromancy I think.

It appears that I probably chose the "wrong" one of the two. The other on was more recent. (the one that jimbotron linked)

I don't see what the problem is with bring to life an older thread though.

I f I need to delete and move stuff, I'm hoping someone will let me know.

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