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Re: Marvel Studios may be planning more MCU for the small screen

Yeah Punisher, when done right can be like what Dexter could have been - the titular character taking bad guys down with extreme prejudice. They can even update his origin, make him a Gulf War Vet, still bring in the mob or whatever. Get the 'revenge' out of the way in the pilot or just do it in flashbacks and he's punishing every violent criminal.

I would really try to do a Marvel Knights-esque set of shows - all a bit more... not so squeaky-Disney clean. Far more "Miramax" than "Buena Vista". Punisher would be super super easy to do. Don't need complex sets or anything, just lots of fake blood, squibs and blanks and cool weapons - I'd change the model a bit by giving him some skull themed blades or skull deco on some of the guns, downplay the skull on the shirt a bit. I mean he can still wear it, but in the MCU other than Captain America so far, every other 'super hero' is basically in a far more subtle version of their usual thing.

Then do a Daredevil series set in the same 'universe' blind lawyer who's also a night time vigilante could be pretty cool and for him I would adapt the Affleck Movie costume - I mean really running around in red tights would be cheesy as hell - but at least the red motorcycle suit looked more 'like he ordered it online'.

From there I wouldn't even mind seeing Cloak and Dagger as a series - would give you a cute girl lead and a black kid lead so no one would bitch about Marvel being all lily white - okay so you have a lily white girl in Tandy Bowen, but you could probably change her to latino IF you really had to, as long as she's blonde and pale and stuck up LOL. Although honestly I think it would be a perfect vehicle for say Molly C Quinn (Alexis Castle) but it really couldn't be on ABC at all - otherwise people will go 'when did Alexis become a super hero?) but I think she's got lead potential and she's already in Disney/ABC's wheelhouse. And she's got a fit bod that could look like she's a ballet dancer and came from a upper crust home. Just make her more blonde than red or have the blonde be a wig she wears when she's in costume. Cloak could really be any one honestly, since I think it would work best if the cloak was CGI most of the time. Deal with drug dealers, human trafficking, down and dirty stuff.

And then from there I would go full on Heroes for Hire - introduce Misty Knight, Colleen Wing, Shang-Chi, Luke Cage and Iron Fist and then have her 'hire' Punisher and Daredevil and Cloak and Dagger from time to time - sorta make H for H the 'Avengers' of the small series.
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