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So it looks like they're actually going the plastic surgery route to explain the recasting? Lame.
We've just had several months of fans demanding to know why the movie didn't attempt to explain the physical differences between the two Khans, and now someone tries to provide the answer (that many of us suggested), it's "lame"?

Kobayashi Maru.
I was never one of those. I thought it equally stupid when the post-ENT novels tried to explain why the prequel series looked "more advanced" than TOS by saying the technology really was downgraded.

I personally find Khan's original backstory so flawed that attempting to reconcile the new with it's broken assumptions to be a waste of time. Marla was clearly the worst historian in Starfleet - nobody with even the most basic knowledge of Sikhism would ever see the clean-shaven, waxed-chested Ricardo Montalban and think he was a Sikh. Furthermore, they retconned Khan's ethnicity in STII by dropping the skin darkening makeup used in Space Seed and turning all his followers into young Aryans.

And of course, made in a test tube, he can be any colour his designers intended.
Not to mention the whole Klingon thing. Seriously why do waste time explaining this stuff just because of the anal Star Trek fans whine so much?
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