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Re: Should the Borg be the villain in Trek 3?

For the borg to be made workable and an interesting antagonist in a nu-Trek movie, the borg would need to be re-imaged and re-written fairly dramatically.

CGI drones that look very mechanical and cybernetic, to be able to move, articulate and perform feats in ways that a humanoid cannot (a visual summation of what the borg are all about, they are extra-ordinary).

.... this would be a far cry from the actors in latex suits as seen in ST:VOY and First Contact.

A clever plot device or fundamental flaw in the borg's reasoning or mission needs to be written to allow Kirk/Enterprise to defeat them, as you would expect in every david and goliath situation in a big screen movie.

I just do not see the TNG/Voyager way of defeating the Borg acceptable in a modern silver screen movie.

Wit, bravery & sacrifice over technobabble please.
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