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Re: Best tactician? Kirk,Picard, Sisko or Janeway?

Picard has already a tactical maneuver named after him and Sisko was an accomplished military mind who got (deservedly) much credit for ending the Dominion War.
I could swear there was a Voyager, and I just cant remember who said the line (it was either Chakotay or Janway, I think), but whomever it was, was in command of Voyager in the midst of battle, and utters the command "Pattern Kirk Epsilon" or some such. Anyone else remember what I am talking about?

Also, I think there were a couple times there were patterns named after Riker, as well.

As far as who was the absolute best, hard to say. But considering Sisko was a human-Prophet hybrid, he had the greatest potential, and was the only one we saw on screen in charge of a fleet as big as he was in, during DS9. We can argue that off screen Picard did the same, but we didn't see it.

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