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Re: MLB Season Discussion - 2013

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I meant it more as a whole playoff thing over just World Series appearances. Either way, the moment the Pirates and Indians were eliminated, I tuned out of actually watching any games. I'm just here to see whose standing at the end.
Still think it's all in your head, the numbers just don't back you up:

-Red Sox haven't made the playoffs since 2009, so even after a few years off, you're starting up already sick of them?

-Red Sox made playoffs 10 times in past 20 years. 4 of those are of the 'barely' variety, getting swept in LDS or losing 3-1. Even with those, though, the Wild Card means that better teams have a chance of at least getting in, and the Sox have had a good core of players recently.

-They did go 6 times in 7 years from 2003-2009, but in 03/04 and 07/08, they were legit one of the best couple teams in baseball, so that's how it should work. Lost in game 7 of the ALCS 2 of those years, won the World Series the other two. Limped in and got swept out the other 2 years.

-19 playoff appearances in the past 100 years. And those numbers are skewed by the World Series 3 times in 4 years 1915-1918. Since 1918, they've made the playoffs 16 times. Almost 17% of the time?

-Wild Card has been the biggest driver here, and why the numbers start shooting up for the Sox recently. Sharing a division with historically the best team in baseball hurt the Sox for a long time. Now that the WC is in play, it's just more obvious that for a lot of those years, the Sox were still one of the better teams, just couldn't win the division.

So anyway, should just say you don't like the Red Sox, and stop trying to make it a numbers thing, they don't really back you up. Keep shifting to find an argument that works, but so far, they're falling apart
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