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Re: Khan - New IDW mini series - SPOILERS!!!!!

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But a decent tyrant is still decent. If you had a choice between a Hitler who was not going to exterminate the Jews, and the Hitler we got, wouldn't you opt for the moderate one?
The very concept of a 'decent tyrant' is a contradiction.
Name me a leader from history before the rise of democracy. They are all 'tyrants' to one extent or another, a leader who controlled their power base through the sometimes ruthless destruction of opponents: lauded national heroes like Elizabeth I of England, Louis XIV of France, Qin Shi Huang who united China, Salahadin who fought the crusaders, Richard Lionheart who retook Jerusalem, Louis IX of France and its most celebrated ruler, William the Conqueror of England, Henry V of England, etc.... Each did things morally objectionable, but equally each were 'decent tyrants', who brought prosperity, success or purpose to nations and empires in distress.
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