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Khan #1 Review

Hello all please find below my review of Khan#1

Villordsutch wrote:
"Shall we begin?"

A few of you may remember when this comic was first mentioned a few months back on Flickering Myth. Though the cynicism spewed from my mouth about rehashing of Khanís history (as a Star Trek fan Iím more than aware that Paramount is looking for more ways to milk the cash from us) I was still interested in reading this comic. I rather enjoyed Star Trek Into Darkness and also Khan 2.0 - yes Ricardo Montalban with his few lines still wears the badge that reads, ďI am THE Khan!Ē, however Benedict Cumberbatch is still a good Khan for me. When I buy this copy I may have to resort to asking the store owner to put it in a brown paper bag before I leave, just so I donít get spat on by my fellow Trekkies.

Starting with Khanís trial (Iím guessing before he was frozen and stored in a Big Yellow Storage lock up warehouse), the question is raised why Khan 2.0 looks different from the Khan 1.0, whi
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