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Re: Amok Time repercussions?

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What's the solution then?
- What would make most sense would be for Vulcan culture to not betroth kids at the age of seven,
Apparently Stonn wasn't bonded as a child, since he was available as an adult for T'Pring, so the practice of child bonding isn't universal.

And what's the point of bonding anyway, if the woman is free to choose someone else? Did T'Pring's bonding just not take? If she had married Spock and then carried on with Stonn when Spock was gone, would she have been snubbed on Vulcan, or is that business as usual?

Lots of unanswered questions. The Vulcan part of the story to me is interesting, but secondary. The central part is the irony of the two friends being forced to fight to the death for the possession of a woman neither of them really wanted.
Stonn probably was bonded as a child, but there are a few possible reasons why he still wasn't bonded as an adult. First, the girl could have died and Stonn's parents didn't bond him to anyone else. Second, it's possible that the girl's family decided, for some reason, to have the bond severed (a kind of pre-pon farr divorce which would be facilitated by a healer). This would make sense if the girl's family intended to move permanently off-planet, or if they just decided Stonn wasn't good enough. Of course, Stonn's family could have been the ones to decide to sever the bond. Third, maybe nobody thought Stonn was good enough for their daughter!

The social consequences for the woman is a great incentive for her to go through with the marriage, rather than choose the challenge. After all, T'Pau asks T'Pring if she is prepared to become the property of the victor - that's not just ceremony - she's asking if T'Pring is prepared to literally become chattel - someone who is owned. This would result in a loss of respect, many of the rights that normal Vulcan women would take for granted, and social ostracism.

Yes, she would have been snubbed on Vulcan. I'm reasonably sure that Vulcan social norms don't include adultery.
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