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Reliant external docking ports?

I am cutting apart a Polar light refit enterprise to make a 1/350 lit model of the reliant. I noticed reliant didn't seem to have the circular docking ports for travel pods and shuttles like the enterprise, except possibly at the back of the bridg, which wasn't clearly shown for me to tell. That seems odd as refit enterprise and reliant are clearly related designs from the same era, one would think utility features like travel pod docking rings would be standard across all classes. If the enterprise needed 4 (2 on the torpedo pod of all places) on its hull, it is hard to imagine reliant wouldn't be given any.

So I plan to put some on my reliant. I will leave the one behind the bridge on the original enterprise part. I doubt reliant torpedo pod needed any, since unlike the enterprise, reliant's pod wasn't located at a nexus of turbo lifts. Where else would you think is a good place for docking rings on the reliant?
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