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If it was the Romulan homestar that exploded, Spock also wouldn't have had time to do what he did. Remember, the explosion occurs at the very start of the meld, and then Spock...

- Promises the Romulans that he would save their planet.
And there's absolutely no way he can save Romulus if it's the Romulan home star that goes supernova. If that's the case, the planet is toast. Even if he had been able to somehow know in advance that the supernova was going to happen, or was somehow able to get to the system before the planet was consumed, he'd still be unleashing a black hole on the star in the Romulan system. It's game over for Romulus.
absolutely. I realize this. my initial point was that I felt maybe the writers and jj just screwed up and missed the fact that this action would still destroy Romulus.
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