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IIRC, Abrams says in the commentary that he was tinkering with the mind meld scene right up until 2 weeks prior to the film's theatrical release. That's the reason there are a few discontinuities between Countdown and the movie (in the movie, Romulus is destroyed while Spock is en route, in the comic it happened before he had even launched)

There's also an early script at IMSDB (, where Spock deliberately opens a second black hole, intentionally travelling back in time to try and save Romulus. It talks about the supernova being an "untreated cancer" that would "destroy everything" and that Nero was on a mission to prevent Spock from stopping the supernova, believing that if Romulus was allowed to die, all planets should share its fate.

Add to that, the first draft of Countdown apparently featured the destruction of Earth as well as Romulus, and it was apparently only through the intervention of Cryptic (whose Star Trek Online videogame plans would have totally ruined by mass destruction in the Alpha Quadrant) that the destruction was scaled back somewhat. More details here:

With all those changes, I'm not surprised the final version came out a little jumbled.
King Daniel. I apologize. I just saw your line about the script I don't know how I read over that, or maybe because I was on a break at work while reading it as well as eating at the same time I wasn't paying close enough attention. I went and read the script online. it does say the supernova originally happened and spock witnessed the beginning of it, and then discussions were had about what to do, untreated cancer... etc. so thanks a lot for helping me clear that up. it really bothered me for a while! I honestly think this movie is so much fun and one of my favorite trek films. im not afraid to say it. the science is no worse than any other trek film. in fact, I would argue the genesis in WOK is far worse than some crazy supernova that has the ability to destroy the galaxy. thanks to everyone who put in their 2 cents.

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