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Re: Should the Borg be the villain in Trek 3?

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Maybe yes and may be no. Did The Voyage Home have any villains? It is still the most successful TOS film.
Voyage Home has a problem to solve, no villain. There is not even a villainous character in it, except for, if you stretch the definition, the whaler.
The "villain," I guess, was 20th Century mankind.

I'd like a little more imagination in the next Trek film. Evil Bad Guy from Another Time Out for Revenge(TM) is all the writers have been able to come up with for the last two films. I'm burned out of mustache-twirling Trek villains. They're always supposed to be deep and interesting and they never are. Even Khan wasn't that interesting in TWOK, it was how he served the character of Kirk as an archetype which was interesting. Instead of devoting valuable screen time to developing a villain (which amounts to simply coming up with reason #4,365 why an Evil Bad Guy wants revenge), how about writing an imaginative story in which they can develop the main characters, the ones I actually want to see, the ones who always get short shrift in the films.
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