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Re: NFL Discussion - 2013 Season

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Can't believe Brady pulled that out. I want to boycott the internet for the next week. I am livid.

Also, kinda excited that the rookie WRs are starting to get their shit together. Still not perfect, but coming along nicely. Honestly, Brady is the one who has looked a little inconsistent, not all of these things have been on the kids.

Injuries have gotta stop, though. Amendola got his bell rung pretty good (not his fault, can't talk injury prone on that one, he got creamed), Talib has a hip thing going on, Mayo went down with some sort of shoulder or collarbone thing, Wilfork out for the year with an ankle injury, Tommy Kelly with a bum knee missed last take, and then whatever's going on with Gronk (any time now...). Shit is adding up....
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