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Re: Amok Time repercussions?

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The article concluded that the ceremony would have ended with a public consummation (one logical reason why the parents weren't there!) and T'Pau was cautioning Kirk and McCoy that this is what was expected to happen.
Just imagine Kirk and McCoy's reactions to that happening.

McCoy stands there grimacing uncomfortably while Kirk tries to to hand out high-fives to scowling Vulcans.
Maybe the immature jackass Kirk of nuTrek would have done that, but TOS-Kirk wouldn't have. TOS-McCoy would have been uncomfortable if Spock and T'Pring had consummated the marriage in public, but not privately. Actually, I think both Kirk and McCoy would have been glad for Spock (since both men enjoy sex and consider it a normal, enjoyable part of life), but they would have been uncomfortable if it had taken place in public.
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