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Re: Scaling the Excelsior Filming Model

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Another example that came up earlier was the ship in Peak Performance. Its warp core looked almost nothing like the TMP or TNG core, aside from being a vertical conduit. In fact, it probably has more similarity to the aborted Phase II core.
What it also has in common with the TNG core is the dilithium chamber with its dilithium articulation frame holding the crystal.

So while the MSD on the Ent-B shows a TNG style warp core, I could accept that the Excelsior utilized a TMP era structure, as it was a prototype, which often make use of existing hardware cobbled together to get the job done. Technological refinements and improvements can be accomplished once the initial design succeeds.

I guess what I find myself saying is, I am okay with any other excelsior class using TNG tech, as long as the original excelsior, or at least in its NX-2000 phase, utilized the TMP era core.
I agree, maybe this could also support that there are now two impulse deflection crystals on the NCC version. The new warp core wouldn't be directly connected to those crystals, but the warp plasma conduits could. There are always (?) two conduits coming out of the core and these could split right behind it with two running up to the crystals and two running to the nacelles.

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