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Re: Star Trek: Starships Model/Magazine Subscription

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And're not gonna like this one...the British Accents. I'm sorry, but you guys over there across the Pond, need to realize that even though we speak the same language, trying to understand that dialect is darn near impossible to us Colonials over here. Some are worse than others, but to me at least, I equate the thick British accent as something akin to the American Appalachian Redneck accent.
Not offended at all. I have to turn on subtitles for a lot of US TV series. Groin guy's accent is obviously from somewhere in the middle of the Danelaw, but I can't quite place it -- possibly Derbyshire or Nottinghamshire. It doesn't sound very broad to me.
Really? You have trouble understanding what is dubbed the "clean broadcast" American dialect? That's interesting. Never heard that before.

The way I, at least, hear the British accent is that it's very 'staccato' sounding. Very abbreviated syllables. The cutting off of syllables unnecessarily.

There's a YouTube user by the name of IrishTrekkie, who's done some very nice reviews of all the models so far, who I assume by the name is from the Aisles, but his accent is barely noticeable. I have always thought that the Irish accent is very thick.
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