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Re: When the Captain's Away: TNG Version

Riker - fell for the Pakled trap nearly killing Geordi (and indirectly Picard), despite Worf and Troi's warnings - 0/10
Data - on the Enterprise, apparently never screwed up during the night shift, and on another ship in Redemption II, he completely foiled the Romulan/Klingon plot - 10/10
Worf - didn't do much on the Enterprise, except take control of the saucer in EAF and pretend to be the captain to some unfrozen Klingons, but including DS9, his big moment was being trigger-happy, and falling for a Klingon trap to discredit him - 4/10
Geordi - Defeated the drone in Arsenal of Freedom with a bunch of rookies, stood up to jerk-ass engineer - 8/10
Crusher - destroyed a Borg ship - 10/10, oh...with a skeleton crew, bonus +1 - 11/10
Troi - put Ensign Ro in her place, kept ship together, allowing time for Riker/Data to save the ship 9/10
Wesley (hey, why not?) - He did fake his way into command in The Naked Now - applied his school project into a repulsor beam, despite being under the influence, saving the ship - 6/10

Winner Dr. Crusher!
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