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Re: What's the beef with Chakotay?

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Riker also knew that if Picard got sufficiently irritated with him, he could be transferred thisfast. Janeway didn't have that luxury, and she needed crewmembers who could fight and who knew how to run a ship.
So, Riker only follower orders, not because he's a good first officer, but because he's afraid of being demoted?
Transfer does not necessarily mean a demotion. Riker wanted to stay on the Enterprise. Piss off the Captain too many times, and the next time Riker had a chance to transfer (to a new posting as First Officer, or even Captain), Picard might not allow him to choose to stay.

Spock's hobbies are music and chess. He has a normal routine for meditation in his quarters, and some sort of shrine. He is a vegetarian, and we know he likes plomeek soup. He doesn't normally drink alcohol, but on at least one occasion he surprised Kirk and McCoy by accepting a glass of brandy.
Same goes for Chakotay, mostly. Only, Chakotay likes to box, carve, and Spirit Walk. Plus, he enjoys Archaeology.
Boxing is no recommendation to me for someone with a worthwhile hobby. Carving? Yeah, that's fine. So is archaeology. But it still doesn't give him an actual personality.

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. . .Chakotay, blame the writers as much as anything. The folks writing Voyager didn't know what to do with him. . .
This could be said about several of the characters. Chakotay, Janeway, Kes, etc. Neelix tries various jobs looking for a niche to fit into, the EMH finally bloomed after getting the mobile emitter, Paris starts off as the ladies' man, and Harry-- well, I think Harry's finest hour was "The Chute"-- "This man is my friend. Nobody touches him!" B'Elanna was the Angry Klingon until they hooked her up with Paris, which suggests she just needed a good lay.

Tuvok seemed to be the only one the writers had a real lock on from the start.
There's nothing wrong with Neelix trying various jobs to find a niche. That's what many people do in RL. Neelix said it himself - he wanted to stay on the ship and to justify that, he had to make himself useful in some way or else he'd just be a passenger - the sort of person Janeway said they didn't want (in Caretaker).
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