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Re: Episode of the Week: 3x16 "The Offspring"

This is another top-notch season 3 episode, but the core inconsistencies with The Measure of a Man are pretty glaring. Try watching them back-to-back, it's confusing. We see Picard on both sides of the argument in the same episode. First he calls it an invention, and then he tries to prevent a child from being separated from the parent.

No mention of the first time a cast member directed an episode of Trek? (Trek movies excepted) Frakes broke the barrier, allowing many other Trek actors a chance to direct as well.

Even though this episode is regarded as a favorite by Frakes and Dorn, Rick Berman apparently didn't like the episode since his Data centric story "Brothers" would not only make no mention of Lal, the very premise would have you believe she never even existed. So, another one bites the dust.
True, but Lal did come up in season 7's Inheritance.
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