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Re: Orci Meets with CBS About New Series

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Spongebob Squarepants is a "kids" show but the storytelling is actually more mature than most live-action TV shows.
Be my guest and watch Spongebob. I never ever cared for that show and will ever ... But I'm not judging you for that honestly, but the fact is that many grown ups will not watch an animated show and it will not have the success for a long life ...

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Just cause it's animated doesn't mean it has to automatically aim for the kiddie market or be dumbed down.
Tell me one movie/franchise tie in cartoon that it isn't or it wasn't dumbed down. Please. Just one. Tell me a sci-fi cartoon with starships or so on on CBS or any of it's affiliates that it isn't targeted at kids. I can't. It might be because I'm not watching enough cartoons maybe. I just don't want that the next Star Trek TV show to be a cartoon, I'm 100% sure it will be for kids and dumbed down. If it is indeed a cartoon I hope I'm not right but this is how I feel. And the worst of it? It will not be carried as cartoon in prime time anywhere in the world so international licenses are off for prime time licenses. But honestly I really don't think it will be a prime time show in USA neither ... And anyhow just look what other studios are doing with their cartoon tie in lines for other movies. Just canceling mid stories, relaunching in different formats etc etc. Cartoons (with very few exceptions and not by big networks) are treated like second tier programming without any real respect for the viewers and without any serious audience building and I'm sorry to say I don't see this changing because the Star Trek name. And I don't want the 50th anniversary of Star Trek to be celebrated with some cartoon. Star Trek is much much much more valuable than that.
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