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Re: Patrick Stewart interview

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I'm absolutely with Stewart on the matter. Space travel is pure luxury. There is NOTHING to be gained from space travel other than perhaps tourism and scientific exploration. Forget everything you have heard about mining resources for Earth. It's bullshit. It doesn't pay off. It costs more than it gains.

And to waste money on space travel while people here are still suffering is crazy.

Where's the other thread where someone brought up that the US spent 40 years of NASA budget on ONE year's worth of military budget?

Stop having wars, then we can think about space travel. But first use that money for education, food, water, etc... for every spaceship that goes to Mars you could probably built desalination plants all over the world to handle fresh water shortages, for example. And when those problems are solved, THEN we can build our spaceships.
And you know that space mining costs too much because you've actually done it yourself and have the ledgers to prove it, right? I mean, with all that certain knowledge, you must be from the future, and have come back to enlighten us.

As for wasting money, everyone has their own ideas of what is a waste of money. I happen to think that if we stopped wasting money trying to kill people, we could fund both fresh-water projects, educate people, and do further research into clean energy AND go to space.

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Humans will never stop having wars or things of that nature.
I see you have already given up.
I see that Makarov is simply being realistic about human nature.
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