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Re: Boardwalk Empire - Season 4 Discussion Thread

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Unfortunately, I don't seem Margaret having a larger presence if all of this waiting for her to return and this is all we got in one episode. Again, I can't help but wonder the reasoning behind it.
Yeah, perhaps you're right. Considering she was such an important character throughout, only having one episode would seem to be rather odd, not to mention introducing this tension, it eventually has to break, so maybe there is more to it.

Another quiet episode with the shadow of Eddie hanging over Nucky, Eli and Agent Knox and pieces quietly being moved around for everyone (except Capone and Van Alden who are absent).
I liked the comment about Eli being mistaken for Eddie, and it made me wonder if maybe there was more to it, or maybe I'm just thinking too much on it, but it felt like some likely foreshadowing.

The sexual tension between Chalky and Daughter Maitland finally erupts and yet I can't help but wonder if this is part of some larger game from Dr. Narcisse.
I find that singer remarkably like Josephine Baker. Maybe they modeled the character after her.
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