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Re: Should the Borg be the villain in Trek 3?

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How can someone insult a thing (which a movie is, it's just a thing, not a person).
Just as easily as Tiberius did here:
Tiberius wrote: View Post
I honestly don't think that the choice of villain is a contributing factor to how good the movie will be. Khan was the villain in two films. The Wrath of Khan and Into Darkness. One was excellent, the other was a steaming pile of targ manure. So I don't give a shit about whether the Borg are the villain or not. I just want a good movie.
(For your convenience and viewing pleasure, the set-up has been underlined, while the "insult proper" has been placed in bold.)

JarodRussell wrote: View Post
Are we getting all religious about it now?
Are we? I certainly have no intention of doing so. However, if you're having thoughts along those lines, I hope you'll be good enough to take it somewhere private, so we won't be forced to watch.

Clever observation about a movie being a thing and not a person, though. Bravo!
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