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Re: Was Pulaski not liked by the crew?

I initially didn't like Pulaski, because I don't like when you spend an entire season with a character, especially when it's the first season, then that character is replaced the following season without a "goodbye episode." Couple that with Yar being killed off mid-season 1, and shaking up the command structure like making Geordi Cheif Engineer, Worf's uniform changing, Riker growing a beard, (some changes good, to be sure), etc, it just seemed to bee too much change to drop Crusher so suddenly.

At the time of the first run of TNG, I didn't realize Muldaur had played 2 other characters in TOS, until season 3, when they brought Crusher back, so the TOS connection wasn't made for me until too late. I found Pulaski about as abrasive as Crush could be at times, and it seemed to me they were trying too hard to make Pulaski the female version of Bones McCoy. So, I really didn't warm to the character.

However, in following years after TNG ended, and seeing reruns, I have warmed to Pulaski somewhat, though I still prefer Crusher. She is like the Jonas Quinn of TNG, as far as I am concerned. I think if Pulaski had remained a semi regular, it would have been cool, though.
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