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Re: Once Upon A Time Season 3

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Why would the shadow still be hunting for little boys if Pan has Henry? More recruits for the lost boys? Another believer to fuel magic?
There is probably a constant need to replentish the ranks of the lost boys. Neverland is a very inhospitable place, and while those who live there appear long-lived, death happens. And I am sure there are fewer and fewer chances to find recruits, so the shadows take who they can.

I am going to assume that Mulan and Robin will continue to be part of the story going forward. Will Roland call out for the shadow again, causing them to follow the boy to Neverland?

I also think Peter has misread things with Henry. Yes, he may harbor some subconscious resentment towards Emma, but not towards Neal. He knows his father only learned of him recently, and has tried to be a part of his life since learning. And Regina, even though she is evil, loves him and has tried to be a good mother to him, when 'abandoned' by Emma.

Those relationships should be able to trump any ill feelings Henry holds towards Emma.
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