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Re: "Mudd in Your I" (Star Trek: Aurora II)

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Great work. Are those V4's? Thought I recognized some of the props too.
Thanks! Yes, V4s & M4. I'll confess that I switched from V3s to V4s halfway through the production of the first Aurora movie--that was drag to recreate Kara in the new mesh, but I did it almost specifically to make use of the Trek uniform textures over at Daz Star Trek Builders Unite forum. I also updated T'Ling to V4 in this new movie--more fun, but there is an improvement, I think, in the look. One of the biggest pains, however, was that I didn't like the V4 eyes--I actually wanted the eyes to be slightly less realistic to stay out of the "uncanny valley", so I had to substitute them with V3 eyes. It also helped disguise the upgrade. ;-) The props and sets are gathered from all corners, so anyone familiar with Daz/Poser will recognize something!
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