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Re: Movies Seen In 2013

That Guy...Who Was in That Thing - Netflix Instant
Kathleen Madigan: Madigan Again - Netflix Instant
The Seven Year Itch - Netflix Instant
How to Marry a Millionaire- Netflix Instant
Do the Right Thing - Netflix Instant
Evil Dead 2: Dead Before Dawn - Netflix Instant
Escape from Planet Earth - Netflix Instant
Kevin Nealon: Whelmed, But Not Overly - Netflix Instant
Grave Encounters - Netflix Instant
Grave Encounters 2 - Netflix Instant
Steven Wright: When the Leaves Blow Away - Netflix Instant
Brother Bear 2 - Netflix Instant
Gravity 3D - theater
24: Redemption - Netflix Instant
Small Soldiers - Netflix Instant
Highlander II: Renegade Version - Netflix Instant
Anytown, U.S.A. - Netflix Instant
Room 237 - Netflix Instant
Real Injun - Netflix Instant
Smoke Signals - Netflix Instant
Martin & Lewis(2002) - Netflix Instant
Machete Kills - matinee

Went to the Cinemark in Lufkin yesterday, wound up seein' Machete Kills...and I was disappointed. The first one was awesomely dumb over the top action, and when the title for the two sequels came up in the end, I was excited about 'em.

This one opens with a trailer for the third movie, Machete Kills Again ...In Space, which just took the piss out of the whole rest of the movie where Danny Trejo's wrong Mexican isn't just a man, but an unkillable force for vengeance.

There was an event in Austin a couple of years ago, where Mel Gibson attended the premiere for Get the Gringo, met with Robert Rodriguez durin' the screenin', and agreed to be in Machete Kills. His character in this is the main villain, almost Bond like, but every time he starts to get cool, some stupid ass thing gets in the way. His precognition. His Star Wars fandom. That dumb sound effect whenever he looks up and to the side.

Out of the whole thing, the only good part was the Chameleon, played by four different folks in the movie. Its insane, of course, but entertainin'.

And there are two bonus bits after the credits - a blooper and a bonus bit for the third, if there is a third.

Sunday matinee, and I was one of two folks in a theater that seats two hundred.
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