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Re: TNG Caption This! 330: Goldshirts Appreciation

Thanks for the win!

Data: Activating Emergency Command Android subroutines.
Worf: Your orders sir?
Data: Mr Worf... fire the photonic cannon!

Geordi: I can't get a date.
O'brien: I can't get rid of my wife.

Worf: You two... around the corner. Engage the hostile alien while I'm back here ah... covering you. Remember today is a good day to die!
Goldshirts: ....

LaForge: Reg, what are you doing?
Barclay: It's my new invention, it's called the Orgazmo 10k. Wanna try it?

Data: What is wrong with Lieutenant Worf?
LaForge: Captain Picard wouldn't let him destroy the Romulan ship.
Data: Perhaps he should speak with Counselor Troi about his trigger happy issues?
LaForge: He did, why do you think he's so upset?
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