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Re: Halo Class Variant Type II WIP

A few updates:

I'm still trying to develop a plausible flat, 3-spinning-ring-warp-coils warp nacelle. Obviously, without a traditional tube, there's no place to put the traditional Bussard collector. Maybe the trailing thingie on the back serves the same "gathering free hydrogen" function?

This here's the bridge module - but it appears to me that it is shaping up to be more of a command and habitat complex, with the rest of the saucer serving as space for machinery, cargo, and space dock functions.

The bridge itself isn't the big dome in the center... rather, I think it is going to be one of the smaller circles.

I like the idea of a cluster of towers and domes are on top of the saucer. Maybe even a massive atrium or something. I don't know, I'm just toying with things:

Here's how the entire ship itself looks so far. I decided that a nice Probert-esque oval would be much more pleasing to the eye in shape and balance.

I still really haven't worked out properly how big it is. I HATE Fanboy wet dream designs. But I'm leaning towards something that is, indeed, gigantic, basically the marriage of a starship and a space dock:

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