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Re: Peter David comic book story

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FWIW, even if I were paid to minutely examine every Trek proposal and manuscript that crossed my desk (and surely some of the truly bad ones got weeded out before even hitting Arnold's desk...), I might get a little surly and demanding myself while dealing with exceptionally shitty ideas.
Then you would suck at your job and shouldn't be doing it. There's no excuse, none, for unprofessional behavior. I've been a professional editor for 25 years, and I've dealt with a lot of crap in my time. I never bitched people out publicly nor did I treat anyone the way Arnold treated several Trek novelists and comics writers. His behavior was appalling, and the fact that he allowed himself to develop the reputation he developed means he did his job poorly. Any surliness and demanding-ness (which is totally not a word) should be kept to oneself, and problems should be dealt with politely and professionally.
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