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Re: TNG Caption This! 330: Goldshirts Appreciation

``Oh jeez, traffic cops. Worf, get down here. If I get ticketed again I will lose my license.''

Ernie Anderson: On the next thrilling album of The Buggles: The Next Generation!

``Ensign Timmy Bobby Rusty, you go in there and get eaten by the space monster. Then, time loops and you go in again and get eaten. Then, time loops again and so on. Eventually, the monster will be full. So if you go in and don't get eaten then it will be safe for us, and the last iteration of you will live. Now move.''
``... Sir, are you getting enough sleep?''

``Barclay, this isn't the place for your holodeck picnic.''

Data: ``The lieutenant said he is not crying, and also if `Enormous Louis' calls about the six grand he bet on Cleveland then he's also not here.''
Worf: ``That's `Fat Louie' you lunkhead!''
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