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Re: Goodbye, Det. Munch

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^ They're not necessarily in the same universe. In fact, we know at least one reason why they're not, and Munch is the reason: In one H:LOTS episode, Munch mentions The X-Files as a fictional show. Yet, Munch also appeared ON that show. Therefore, there are multiple Munches - one in the L&O/H:LOTS universe, one in the XF one.

And if this is true, then this Tommy Westphall crap kind of falls down.
So what are really saying is that we could soon see a special NBC miniseries event: crisis on infinite munches

Actually that phrase might carry some entirely unrelated connotations...

srsly though: Getting a bit tired of this Tommy Westphall thing constantly rearing its head. So Munch appears in different series? Doesn't mean they share a universe. We know L&O and H:LOTS do, since they had regular crossovers. But that's the extent of it, really.

Besides, as I just said, X-Files IS FICTIONAL within the shared L&O/Homicide universe, yet Munch appeared in both. So this alone disproves the "Tommy dreamed it all" theory.

And besides, even if you accept any of this Tommy stuff, it doesn't mean none of it was real. People dream about real places all the time. Maybe Tommy was a patient at the real St. Eligius and liked it there, so he fashioned his dream world around them?

Or, as I like to think, maybe the final Tommy scene WAS the dream.
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