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Re: Sons of Anarchy Season 6

hahaha that's funny Yoda -

He doubled down on guns to get Gallindo taken care of quicker and it was Gallindo that really sorta pushed for it. Hell it was that dick Romeo that really screwed things up between Samcro and the Irish. I mean, Jax was basically being played both sides, Romeo and his boys come in and storm a meet with Samcro and Galen and Galen was pissy because his boy Clay wasn't there and then here comes all these Mexicans with guns, kill a few of Galen's men and basically steal the guns. "These are on Samcro." like WTF. The CIA boys were just as dirty. And really I THINK had Galen just gotten his head out of his arse and had a real sit down with Jax, I'm pretty sure Jax would have rolled on him and said "Look man these guys aren't just Cartel, they're bigger than that and you do NOT want to piss them off. You do realize we almost had a big ass RICO case go down and it wouldn't have just gotten Samcro killed, it would have taken down you guys at the IRA. So quit being so greedy." "Bloody hell why didn' ye say so. A'right... we're done here. I didn' know the Feds were building a RICO case, fock... that would have really set all our operations back. Thanks for tellin' me laddie. I'll tell the Kings we start sellin' out of New York instead of Cali, at least until the heat's off. Be good brother, take care of your club and don't fock it up." "Right. Thanks Galen."

But... this is Kurt Sutter he doesn't make ANYTHING easy.
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