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Re: TNG Caption This! 330: Goldshirts Appreciation


Geordi: Data, I don't think the Captain was giving you an order when he told you to get a sense of humor.

Data: I believe he put me in charge, Geordi, and as such, it is my decision to interpret his words as I see fit. Now, Mr. Worf, open a channel with the Ferengi and see if they have a sense of humor for sale.

O'Brien: You recommended me for a position on Deep Space Nine? With all due respect, Lt., you don't know what you did! That old gypsy cursed me with incredible bad luck if I ever took a position where I would be in charge.

Geordi: Gypsy curse? Mr. O'Brien, really? Haven't we evolved past all that?

O'Brien: I guess you're right, sir. I mean, really, what's the worst that can happen to me if I take the position?

Worf: This the graffiti that was reported?

Security Officer: Aye, sir.

Worf: And that is supposed to be Commander Riker's phallis?

Security Officer: I'm just a security officer, sir, I'm not qualified to critique art.

Geordi: Reg, what the hell are you doing?

Barclay: Well, sir, it all started when I first began to watch the 21st century show Breaking Bad...

Worf: Could you two keep it down? Isn't there any place on this ship where a Klingon can just relax and listen to the soulful melodies of Taylor Swift? That girl has had such bad luck with men.
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