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Re: T.W.O.K vs STID

I suppose that TWOK was my favorite of the two though l enjoyed ID a lot. I just felt like Khan didn't play much of a pivotal role in ID as he maybe should have. In TWOK there was also a personal history between Kirk and Khan (though I hadn't seen Space Seed at the time I first saw TWOK) that didn't exist in ID- for obvious reasons (i.e. it wasn't Kirk who initially encountered Khan as in the Prime universe). ID's take on Khan actually- for a short while- made him somewhat sympathetic- being upset (and who wouldn't be?) that Marcus had killed his "family" and I kind of liked Kirk and Khan teaming up with each other (briefly) to go after Marcus. That was a neat twist that I hadn't seen coming- but then as soon as they got the drop on Marcus, Khan went back to being "pure evil" (Kirk was smart enough to realize that he would turn on them but misjudged his ability to keep him down with a phaser stun). I'm somewhat glad that they didn't kill Khan at the end and left open the *possibility* that he may return in a future movie (though hopefully not the next one) as I feel like we got as much of him as we deserved to get. BD did a great job with the role IMHO.
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