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Re: TF: Revelation and Dust by DRGIII Review Thread (Spoilers!)

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The assassination of President Bacco did not feel as disastrous as I would’ve expected. The attempt on her life in Silent Weapons
felt much more vivid. I will say that I shall be disappointed if we don’t get a damn good story in the wake of her death; such a character’s loss should reap some benefit for the reader.
I'm honestly surprised to hear that reaction, because, to me, the assassination of Bacco felt more disastrous -- in part because it was so sudden.

That's something I thought DRGIII did masterfully -- the death scene. He spends the entire chapter building up to the President's speech, you're all caught up in the emotion of it, you're looking forward to Nan having her moment in the spotlight -- and then it happens. Nan doesn't even have enough time to realize what's going on before she's gone. No goodbyes, no realizations, no sense of resolution, no catharsis. She has just enough time to realize she's bleeding, and then she's dead. It's heartbreaking in its brutal honesty.

So, to me, it felt much more sudden and unexpected, and therefore more disastrous.
It was all about building tension and then releasing it, whereas Revelation and Dust was more about setting off a bomb when you least expect it.
I hear what you're saying. I will freely admit that my reaction is idiosyncratic and specific to me, so it doesn't necessarily reflect a shortcoming of DRGIII's writing.

I definitely hear what you're saying though.
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